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By Brittany Florio, Program Coordinator

Posted February 18, 2020


Newly Formed Group Advises FINE on Corrections Sector

New Corrections Advisory Group

Last week, FINE held our first meeting with the newly formed Corrections Advisory Group. The group is comprised of change-makers with a diversity of experiences and perspectives who represent a range of Northeastern states and play various roles in the carceral system.

Why is FINE examining its role with the correction’s sector? FINE’s goal is to increase the amount of regional food served in New England institutions. With more than 100 correctional facilities across the six New England states, prisons and jails feed thousands of people daily. Working in the corrections sector aligns with FINE’s core values of promoting diversity, equity, the right to food, and thriving local economies. There is a tremendous opportunity to promote food access and support underserved populations in the carceral system.

How can FINE play a valuable role in the farm to correction movement? How can our work be context-sensitive, and respond to the unique needs, opportunities, and constraints of the carceral system? The advisory group will spend the next four months exploring these  questions. By the summer of 2020, they will present recommendations to guide FINE’s strategic carceral plans into the future. 

We would like to welcome and express gratitude for all our new Advisory Group participants:

  • Jocelyn Apicello, Urban Farming and Sustainability Faculty Advisor, Bard Prison Initiative 
  • Abrah Dresdale, Regenerate Change Consultant & Franklin County Jail Farm & Food Program
  • Tony Hall, Garden Educator, Franklin County Jail
  • Sophia Kruszewski, Clinic Director & Assistant Professor, Vermont Law School
  • Mark McBrine, Food Service Manager for the Maine Department of Corrections at Mountain View Correctional Facility
  • Bryan Mitofsky, Food Service Management, Vermont Department of Corrections
  • Renee Page, Assistant Director, Healthy Communities of the Capital Area, Maine Farm to School and Institution
  • Renee Portanova, Co-Founder & Director, The New Garden Society 
  • Theresa Snow, Founder/Executive Director, Salvation Farms
  • Leslie Soble, Research Fellow - Food in Prison, Impact Justice
  • Emily Whittier, Student Clinician, Vermont Law School 
  • Ali Zipparo, Local Foods Institutional Development Specialist, Agricultural Resource Development Division, Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry

With FINE staff leads:

  • Peter Allison, FINE Executive Director
  • Britt Florio, FINE Program Associate 

If you have a corrections-related story, resource, or contact, we would love to hear it. Please email Peter Allison, [email protected].