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    We envision that every New England school, college and hospital will preferentially purchase healthy, regionally-grown food.

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    We're a six-state network of non-profit, public and private entities working to mobilize the power of New England institutions to transform our food system.

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Hannah Leighton, FINE Director of Research and Evaluation

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Upcoming Events


Successful Food Product Development for New Food Businesses Virtual Course

| Virtual

This course introduces food safety and important considerations when developing a new food product. This virtual, live, and interactive course will address the key attributes of formulating a product from concept to commercialization. You will learn about the food science basics, key elements required for product labeling, and an overview of key regulatory requirements for small and emerging food businesses, such as entrepreneurs and local food processors. After completing the course, you will receive the certificate of completion.  This course consists of 3 parts: (1) one self-paced online course with homework followed by (2) a 4-hour live Zoom session and (3) office hours that dive deeper into relevant topics.

Chef Culinary Conference 2023

- | University of Massachusetts Amherst

Hosted annually by UMass Dining, the Chef Culinary Conference delivers industry-expert talks, culinary demonstrations, live workshops, and exclusive brand sneak peeks. Join June 11-16 as leaders discuss food through nutrition and sustainability while creating the future of culinary. This year is a continued focus on plant-forward cuisine and shaping the campus dining segment with healthy food and lifestyle options. Inspiration will come from ‘Mediterranean to Okinawa and Beyond,’ full of culturally-driven and globally-inspired recipes and practices.

Racial Equity Learning Lab Public Webinar

| 3 pm ET | Virtual

The National Farm to School Network is excited to partner with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to convene the Racial Equity Learning Lab (the “Lab”). The Lab will be a collaborative space, designed for small groups to foster an intensive learning and co-creation experience. Cohort members will be immersed in a racial equity-based curriculum, called the “Lab Roadmap.” This will be the first of three webinars.

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