Blog: Recipes for Success

Farm to Protein

April 7, 2015
Farm to Protein FROM: Melissa Axelrod | Washington South Supervisory Union, Roxbury, VT TIME: 45 minutes CATEGORIES: Classroom, Cafeteria, Farms…

Iron Chef: Salad Challenge

April 7, 2015
Iron Chef: Salad Challenge FROM: Liz Lichtenberg | Alton Central School, Alton Bay, NH TIME: 2 weeks (or more, if you grow your own veggies!)…

Please Hear Us: Students Weigh In on School Food

April 7, 2015
Please Hear Us: Students Weigh In on School Food FROM: Nicole Bourdon | Springfield Food Policy Council School Nutrition Committee, Springfield, MA…

Plant, Harvest, Eat!

April 7, 2015
Plant, Harvest, Eat! FROM: Wendy Collins | Kittery School Nutrition Program, Kittery, ME TIME: 6 hours CATEGORIES: Classroom, Community, Cafeteria…

Nutrition Education Stations

April 7, 2015
Nutrition Education Stations FROM: Laura Collaro & Kathy Alexander | Addison Northeast Supervisory Union Food Service Cooperative, Bristol, VT…

Native, Edible Outdoor Classroom

April 7, 2015
Native, Edible Outdoor Classroom FROM: Deirdre Holmes | Charlotte Central School Farm-to-School, Charlotte, VT TIME: 6-12 months CATEGORIES:…