Blog: Case Studies

We Need to Focus on the Damn Land: Land Grant Universities and Indigenous Nations in the Northeast

Hannah Leighton, Director of Research and Evaluation
August 20, 2021
Research by Maeve McCurdy, Fee Pelz-Sharpe, and Sofia Perrotto   In the Fall of 2020, three undergraduates from Smith College partnered with FINE to…

A Brief History of Labor Actions Among Dining Workers in Higher Education: Lessons for Current Labor Challenges

Megnot Mulugeta, Program Associate
August 16, 2021
In New England, colleges and universities are some of the largest employers of food service workers, who prepared and served close to 87 million…

The Hidden Truth About Eating Behind Bars: Interview with lead investigation researcher Leslie Soble

Brittany Florio, Program Coordinator
February 11, 2021
Today’s blog is an informal interview with Leslie Soble, the lead researcher on a groundbreaking report about prison food in America. About Leslie…

Dogfish in the Dining Hall?

Sarah Lyman, Director of Communications
December 4, 2019
Donate to FINE Dogfish in the Dining Hall? Challenge  Not long ago, Cape Cod fisherman Doug Feeney was barely making ends meet. Although he had a…

Beyond the Cafeteria: New Outlets for Local Food on Campus

Danielle Walczak, Farm & Sea to Campus Communications Intern
March 7, 2017
Three Models for Campus Local Food Subscription Programs Dining halls don’t have to be the only location for incorporating local food on college…

Campus Local Food Subscription Case Study: Intervale Food Hub

Danielle Walczak, Farm & Sea to Campus Communications Intern
March 7, 2017
OVERVIEW Intervale Food Hub (IFH), an enterprise of the Intervale Center, works with colleges in the Burlington, Vermont area to deliver weekly…