Four icons representing farm to school; farm to college; farm to health care; and farm to corrections

Farm to School

The three core elements of farm to school are procurement, education and school gardens. K-12 schools across New England are implementing these activities by serving locally produced foods in their cafeterias, teaching kids about nutrition and healthy eating, and growing school gardens.


Farm to Campus

Colleges and universities across New England are serving local and regional food in their dining halls, growing their own food in campus gardens and farms, offering food systems and agriculture degree programs, hosting mini farmers markets, and advocating for real food.


Farm to Health Care

Hospitals, nursing homes, retirement communities and other health care facilities across New England are serving local and regionally grown food, hosting farmers markets, prescribing their patients farm-fresh food, growing on-site gardens and promoting healthy eating. 


Farm to Corrections

Correctional facilities in New England serve thousands of meals each day. FINE is building our network in the carceral sector to explore its potential for sourcing local food. We are researching food budgets, costs, sourcing, onsite gardens and farms, workforce development, and reentry programs. We are convening stakeholders, and developing tools, in the hopes of better serving the incarcerated population, which is comprised disproportionately of black men.