By Kaitlin Haskins, Communications Manager (outgoing)

Posted January 25, 2017


6 State Profiles Benchmark Farm to Institution Metrics

State Profile Infographics Gauge Farm to Institution Reach in New England

FINE's New England Farm to Institution Metrics Project has released a suite of six data-based, state-level infographics. These documents contain key highlights of the farm to institution sector in a state-by-state format. They’re full of powerful talking points for anyone who wants to advocate for the importance of institutions in building a regional food system.

If you are an elected official, a good food policy advocate, a supportive state agency staff, a forward-thinking institution, or a food industry member, these state profiles provide you with a data-based foundation for advocating for state policy that supports farm to institution programs and projects in your state. They are also useful for strategic planning, program planning, and approaching funders.

The state profiles feature statistics for each state such as:

  • Average percent of an institution's food budget spent on local food
  • Dollars spent on local food by schools, colleges, and hospitals
  • Number of farms 
  • Average farm income

They also offer statistics on local food distribution to institutions across New England as a whole.

The complete set of state profiles is available for download on FINE's New England Farm to Institution Metrics Dashboard. Each profile is available as a digital download (JPG) and print-ready download (two-page 8.5x11" PDF).

Scroll down to view all six state profiles!


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High-quality Connecticut state profile:


High-quality Massachusetts state profile:


High-quality Maine state profile:

New Hampshire

High-quality New Hampshire state profile:

Rhode Island

High-quality Rhode Island state profile:


High-quality Vermont state profile:

Download the complete set of state profiles at