By Tania Taranovski, Director of Programs

Posted July 29, 2019

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Seafood: Product Spotlight Webinar Recording & Slides

Product Spotlight: Seafood

How to Increase Locally-Sourced Seafood at Institutions

Recorded July 23, 2019

In New England, we sure do love our seafood! Fishing is an iconic activity and industry in this region, and the waters of New England have fed us as long as people have lived here. New England boasts the country’s highest value fishing port (New Bedford, Massachusetts) and dozens of species of fish and shellfish are landed in the region. So why can it be so challenging to source local seafood?

This one-hour webinar from FINE and the New England Farm & Sea to Campus Network (FSCN) discusses local seafood sourcing. Kyle Foley of the Gulf of Maine Research Institute presents a current snapshot of the state of seafood in New England, and helps wade through the mixed messages on seafood: Is it a healthy choice or not? Can it be sustainably sourced or are our fisheries in trouble? Should you choose wild or farmed? Can we trust the seafood we buy is really local?

Kyle is be joined by three other presenters who have made New England seafood an important part of institutional dining programs. Maeve McInnis, Sodexo’s Maine Course director, discusses its partnership with GMRI as well as Maine Course's 2015 commitment to shift to purchasing 100% underutilized whitefish through GMRI's Gulf of Maine Responsibly Harvested eco-label by 2020. She discusses the implementation and engagement strategy of such a commitment.

Two guests from Harvard University Dining Services, Crista Martin, the director for strategic initiatives and communication, and Akeisha Hayde, the executive chef, share about Harvard’s efforts to move students to healthier proteins, including greater consumption of seafood sourced from local and sustainable sources as much as possible. Harvard’s efforts included flipping the purchasing paradigm in a partnership with Red’s Best that prioritizes familiarizing consumers with underutilized species and sustaining the New England fishing fleet through those purchases.

FINE’s Farm & Sea to Campus webinar series creates peer-to-peer learning opportunities for dining program directors, chefs, foodservice operators, supply chain businesses, and other community partners who are engaged in procuring and promoting New England food. This webinar was the first in a series of four webinars focusing on specific product categories and how to improve local sourcing. More at


Tania Taranovski, Director of Programs, Farm to Institution New England


Kyle Foley, Sustainable Seafood Senior Program Manager, Gulf of Maine Research Institute Co-Chair of the Supply Chain Development Working Group, New England Farm & Sea to Campus Network

Maeve McInnis, Maine Course Director, Sodexo

Crista Martin, Director for Strategic Initiatives & Communication, Harvard University Dining Services

Akeisha Hayde, Executive Chef, Harvard University Dining Services


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