Radicalize the Hive: What Bees Can Teach Us About Shaping Social Change [Webinar Recording]

Tania Taranovski, Director of Programs

Webinar recorded January 30, 2020

Hosted by Farm to Institution New England and the New England Farm & Sea to Campus Network

Join us for a unique and interactive webinar, led by consultant and beekeeper Ang Roell, to learn about and practice building more effective collaborations. Taking inspiration from honey bees, a social super-organism, Ang leads participants through conversations and practices designed to help us develop more intentional work by sharing power, building trust, and checking privilege.  

Honey bees are effective consensus builders who know how to organize around a specific purpose. They achieve this by sharing power, working in collectives or teams to be more effective, and make collective decisions through consistent communication based on both scent and dance.  We look at several examples, and use story-telling and visual aids to explore the many facets of this super-organism and apply lessons to our own work in building a better food system.

This webinar is open to anyone interested in building effective collaborations; in particular, we invite participants who will be attending the upcoming Campus Farmer Summit, to be held Feb 22, 2020 at Stonehill College in Easton, MA. We’ll apply lessons learned from the webinar throughout the conference - and beyond!


  • Maida Ives, Manager of Farm Education and Operations, Book & Plow Farm, Amherst College and Campus Farms Working Group Co-Chair


  • Ang Roell, Organizational change-making consultant and apiary owner at They Keep Bees


Portrait of Ang RoellAng Roell (they/them) runs two parallel businesses; the first, They Keep Bees is a femme run apiary co-located in Western Massachusetts and South Florida that raises queen bees and produces honeycomb. 

In the second business, Ang Roell Consulting is committed to helping clients make the changes necessary to shift organizational culture & practice from a model of dominant power to a model of cooperative power, inspired by the ecological world. 

Ang holds a Masters of Science in Social Justice Education from Boston University, and teaches courses in both university and community settings.  They are a seasoned public speaker, and educator. They are currently working on a book titled, “Radicalize the Hive”, and recently completed their first TedX lecture titled “What Honey Bees Can Teach Us About Building Successful Collaboration”.  

Maida Ives (she/her) loves sunshine, teamwork, food, and physical labor. She has been living and studying the intersection of food and education for years. After years teaching middle school math, Maida volunteered on farms while traveling, and learned vegetable production in Northern Virginia. While living there, she searched for farms that work with students to grow food and then moved to Amherst College to work at Book & Plow Farm.

FINE’s Farm & Sea to Campus webinar series creates peer-to-peer learning opportunities for dining program directors, chefs, foodservice operators, campus farmers, supply chain businesses, and other community partners who are engaged in growing, procuring and promoting New England food. This webinar is brought to you by the Campus Farms Working Group of the New England Farm and Sea to Campus Network.

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