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2021 | Chicago Food Policy Action Council
This resource was developed by the Chicago Food Policy Action Council and partner organizations for people who are growing food or running food businesses to learn about new, emerging market opportunities being created by the Metro Chicago Good Food Purchasing Initiative (GFPI) and the Good Food Purchasing Policy resolutions adopted by the City of Chicago and Cook County. We hope you find the information useful as you consider selling food to community nutrition programs that serve students, seniors, hospital patients, and other residents. The guide will also be useful if you are interested in selling food to food concessionaires (restaurants or caterers with public contracts) or publicly-run food festivals (e.g., Taste of Chicago). Published in English and Spanish.
2020 | Avni Patel Thompson | Harvard Business Review
This article outlines steps to follow for parents adjusting to working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.
2019 | Jessi Silverman, Angela Amico | Center for Science in the Public Interest
This roadmap is a resource for public health advocates, policymakers, and others who seek to advance, adopt, and implement more effective and equitable food service guideline policies.
2023 | Cody Gusto, John M. Diaz, Laura A. Warner, Christine Overdevest, Catherine Campbell | Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development
This report examines the salient factors influencing nutrition incentive program operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Researchers reached consen­sus on several barriers, opportunities, and innova­tive adaptations in incentive programming opera­tions, both in the early stages of the pandemic outbreak and that may persist long-term.
This toolkit is designed to assist you in communicating with a current or potential distributor about meeting your institution’s need for both product and tracking reports that document local and sustainable purchases.
2020 | Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education
Google document organizing COVID-19 resources for the higher education sustainability community. Categories include: Articulating Connections Between Coronavirus Crisis and Sustainability, Equity and the Coronavirus, Resources on Policy Responses that Support Sustainability, Working Online and Creating Virtual Events, Student Support Resources, Upcoming Engagement Opportunities, Including Earth Day Ideas, Energy Management During Campus Closures, and Zen & Reprieve.