Project Waste Not [Webinar Recording]

Tania Taranovski, Director of Programs

Project Waste Not 

A tool for improving traceability and transparency

Webinar recorded October 29, 2019  | Download the slides (PDF)

Host Organization: Farm to Institution New England (FINE) and the New England Farm & Sea to Campus Network (FSCN) 

If you work in the food system, you know that reliable, accessible, and manageable information on local food products are critical for meeting food procurement goals and improving the regional food system. But many buyers, distributors, producers, and others find themselves manually entering data (sometimes into multiple systems), lack access to current and relevant info on products or potential markets, and spend valuable time trying to analyze and make the most of the information they do have. Join FINE and the New England Farm & Sea to Campus Network (FSCN) for a one hour webinar to learn how an open food commerce network can help.

Project Waste Not is building access to product, price, and availability data. Learn more about this open food and beverage commerce network and how it can help build a better regional food system in New England. Neal Bram provides a detailed look at Project Waste Not’s platform; Smith College Dining Director Andy Cox shares insights into how the platform can help advance local food procurement at institutions, and Tania Taranovski from FINE offers additional information about the role of traceability and transparency in building a stronger, more resilient local food system.


  • Neal Bram, CEO, Project Waste Not
  • Andrew Cox, Director of Dining Services, Smith College
  • Tania Taranovski, Director of Programs, Farm to Institution New England

Neal Bram is the CEO and founder of Project Waste Not. Motivated by the need to reduce waste in the food system, Neal and his team are building a network of service providers that will enable our foodservice and food supply partners to reduce the $5 billion in wasted labor and $30 billion in wasted food that occurs every year. Before working in food tech, Neal spent 20+ years as a strategist, product manager, and team leader. He collaborates with customers on defining, testing, and improving products that solve challenging and meaningful problems.

Andrew Cox is the director of dining services at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. His past experience includes General Manager at The Hotchkiss School and Executive Chef at the Harvard Kennedy School as well as farm to table restaurants in Oregon, Chicago, and Boston. He holds a BA from UMass Amherst in Sustainability Management with a Certificate in Sustainable Food and Farming. Andy is committed to focused shifts in institutional spend to support regional agriculture through diner engagement and education.

Tania Taranovski is the director of programs at Farm to Institution New England. She leads FINE’s farm and sea to campus and food service programs, in addition to playing a senior role in operations, strategy, and management. She previously led programs at the New England Aquarium's Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life and Earthwatch Institute, worked as an advisor to the International Pole & Line Foundation, and served as co-chair of the board of the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative.

FINE’s webinars create peer-to-peer learning opportunities for dining program directors, chefs, foodservice operators, supply chain businesses, and other community partners who are engaged in procuring and promoting New England food. FINE and the FSCN recognize the importance of traceability and transparency in the food system and are developing resources and tools to help, including the recent report "Tracking Local Food Purchasing: A Guidebook for Campus Dining". We’re pleased to offer this webinar as part of this on-going effort.


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