Sue Small was born in the UK before every household had a refrigerator! This meant that most of the food she consumed growing up was very local, very seasonal, and very fresh setting very high standards for what food should taste like. Operating her own restaurant for 17 years providing the variety and quality of foods she wanted to serve meant seeking out vendors who were willing to go the extra mile to source what she considered local. Later Sue was delighted when, while working as a Regional Culinary Director and Sustainability Director for Aramark, students began to ask where their food was coming from and demand change. Long lasting change has to come from passionate young people. Currently working in an advisory capacity to The Farm at Eastman’s Corner in Kensington NH where connecting Farmers to the community spirited Farm stand is an absolute joy and supports her theory that Sustainability has to be looked at both environmentally and economically. Trying to retire and spend more time with family doesn’t come so easily she has found!