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The Network

We meet our goals by collaborating with other organizations to carry out projects and events. Our partners are leaders from the region in fields such as agriculture, health and nutrition, food distribution, education and institutional management. They include non-profits, government agencies, funders and businesses.

More than 600 individuals attended our Farm to Institution Summit in April 2015, tens of thousands of people visit our website each year, over 800 people are subscribed to our email newsletter, hundreds of people have participated in our events over the year and countless others are engaged in the network through other means. 

Note that there's currently no formal definition of a FINE partner -- they're simply organizations we collaborate with and/or key players in the farm to institution movement. We're currently collaborating on a project called the Northeast Food Knowledge Ecosystem to bring you a registry of organizations in our network. Stay tuned!

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New England Food Vision

As a supporter of the New England Food Vision, we call institutions to strive toward the 50 by 60 goal. That is, to build the capacity to produce at least 50% clean, fair, just and accessible food for all New Englanders by 2060.

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