New England Local Food Processing White Papers

The Equipment Question

A typical local food processing facility in New England has dozens of pieces of machinery, all designed to wash, slice, dice, cook, pack, and chill produce and meat in a way that preserves the flavor and nutrition while optimizing food for storage, freshness, and convenience. This paper includes recommendations for equipment manufacturers; funders and nonprofits; and government officials who wish to support help food processors access the equipment they need to ramp up production of lightly processed local food. 

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Food Safety Regulation: An Introduction for Entrepreneurs

The regulation governing food manufacturing is complex, and the single most important thing for new entrepreneurs to understand about food safety regulations is that there are multiple, overlapping jurisdictions. Oh, joy! This guide will help new food businesses navigate the regulations and gain certifications that will help you access institutional markets and other large buyers.

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The Culinary Incubator Business Model

Culinary incubators face an interlocking set of issues, but despite these challenges, demand for their services is driving a rapid growth in multi-user culinary facilities! This report provides an overview of the challenges and a list of recommendations for incubators; funders and nonprofits; and government officials who want to support the growth of new food businesses in New England. 

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Workforce Development: A Challenging Opportunity

The demand for local food is strong and growing. Strengthening local and regional food systems has the potential to spur economic development, but a culinary workforce equipped with greater skills is necessary to make the transition. This paper highlights innovative workforce development programs and provides recommendations for food manufacturers; funders and nonprofits; and government officials who wish to help ensure New England has enough skilled workers to support the new food economy.  

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