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Resource List & Links

Below is a list of resources that provide additional guidance on the RFP and contract process.

Reports & Guides

“Food Service Management Companies in New England: Phase 1 Research Findings: Barriers and Opportunities to Local Food Procurement.” Farm to Institution New England. (2015).

“Leveraging Contracts for Local Food Procurement.” Farm to Institution New England. (2015).

“A Guide for Institutional Purchasers Sourcing Local Food from Distributors. Farm to Institution New England.” (2013).  

“Increasing Local Food Procurement by Massachusetts State Colleges and Universities.” Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic. (2012). foodpolicyinitiative/publications 

“Sample Language & Resources for Local Foods in Contracts & RFPs.” Mass Farm to School. (2014). contracts_v2.pdf  

“Guide to Developing a Sustainable Food Purchasing Policy.” Food Alliance. Accessed June 2015.

“Institutional Food Purchasing Work Group Report.” (3 of 5). Michigan Good Food Network. (2010).

“Sustainable Food Purchasing Guide.” Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) and the Yale Sustainable Food Project. (2011).

Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic’s collection of legal reports:

“Equitable Development Toolkit: Access to Healthy Food.” PolicyLink (2015)

College & Universities

“Maine Food for UMaine Project Recommendations for the Food Service Contracting Process.” Farm to Institution New England. (2015).

“Tools for Advocates: Increasing Local Food Procurement by State Agencies, Colleges and Universities.” Harvard Blogs. April (2015).

“Sustainable Food Purchasing Guide of Hampshire College.” Hampshire College. (2013).

“Fair Trade Purchasing Guide for College and University Purchasers.” Responsible Purchasing Network. (2013).

Government & K-12 Schools

“Geographic Preference: A Primer on Purchasing Fresh, Local Food for Schools.” Harrison Institute for Public Law. (2013). FOCUS_GP_Primer_July-2013.pdf  

“Guide: Procuring Local Foods for Child Nutrition Programs.” United States Department of Agriculture. (2014). Nutrition_Prog_Guide.pdf 

“Farm to School Network’s Field Guide to Food Service.” Community Alliance with Family Farmers. Accessed June (2015)

“Local Food for Local Government Guide.” Change Lab. (2012).

Health Care Facilities

“Sustainable Food Scorecard.” Kaiser Permanente. (2014). sustainable-food-scorecard

Health Care Without Harm collection of purchasing guides for hospitals and group purchasing organizations:


In addition to studies listed below the above Reports and Guides are based upon a wealth of research captured in their reference section.

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