Appendix F

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Sample Categories of a FSMC Food Service Director Employee Evaluation

The following are the categories of one Food Service Management Company’s employee evaluation. Key performance indicators in each category measure the ability of the Food Service Director to achieve the desired FSMC organizational goals. In order for on-site FSMC staff to prioritize indicators that relate to the institution’s local food purchasing, it is essential that they are included in employee evaluations. 

  1. Food Management Process
    • Master the Menu
    • Perfect Purchasing
    • Power Up Production
    • Wipe Out Waste
  2. Labor Management Process
    • Smart Scheduling
    • Handle on Headcount
    • Wages that Work
    • Tackle Turnover
  3. Achieve Financial Plan
    • Revenue Growth
    • Adjusted Operating Income (AOI) Growth
    • Margin Improvement
    • Free Cash Flow
  4. Cultivate Capabilities
    • Build Development Plans
    • Recruit and Place Facility Hires
  5. Recognize and Appreciate
    • Drive Encore! Encore! Utilization
  6. Deliver Diversity
    • Educate on Diversity
    • Expand Employee Resource Group (ERG) Participation
    • Require Diverse Candidates
  7. Nail New
    • Build New Business Pipeline
    • Wired to Win
    • Know Right to Win Selling Strategy
  8. Raise Retention
    • Deliver Positive Service Attitude
    • Engage Voice of the Consumer
  9. Build Base
    • Implement Selling Excellence program
  10. Proactive Pricing
    • Assess Contracts
    • Take Proactive Pricing
    • Execute Client Engagement