Measuring Up: Demonstrating the Impact of Farm to Institution through Metrics

Measuring Up is a six-part blog series from Farm to Institution New England (FINE) designed to provide a data-driven account of the farm to institution landscape in New England. There are 4,628 K-12 schools, 210 colleges and universities with dining services, and 256 hospitals in New England that in total feed an estimated 3.8 million people per day. This series will draw from two years of work by the FINE metrics team dedicated to understanding key indicators for farm to institution success across those three institutional sectors. Throughout the series, we will delve into these key indicators in more depth and explore other findings that have been revealed through analysis of both primary and secondary data. Join us this fall as we explore New England’s farm to institution landscape through metrics!

The following topics will be discussed over the course of the six-part series:

  • An Introduction to the New England Farm to Institution Metrics Blog Series
  • When, How, and Why to Define “Local”
  • Working Within the System: Institutional Budgets, Operational Characteristics, and Local Food Procurement  
  • Accessing Local Product: What Products Do Institutions Buy Local & What are the Barriers to Increasing Local Procurement?
  • Producer Perspectives: Who is Providing Institutional Product?  
  • The Power of Institutions to Change the Food System: Impacts & Data-Driven Recommendations for Achieving Success

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