Six chefs posing with dishes of food; plant-forward future

By Sarah Lyman, Communications Manager

Posted March 5, 2021


New plant-forward menu resources for health care facilities

written by guest author Emma Sirois, Health Care Without Harm

Plant-Forward Future is a curated set of resources from Practice Greenhealth, Health Care Without Harm, and partners that will help health care facilities set a plant-forward goal, menu and market plant-forward dishes, and track their progress.

Whether you’re just getting started or leading the way as a Cool Food Pledge signatory, Plant-Forward Future has resources that will meet your needs.

Plant-Forward Future is a positive, forward-thinking approach that emphasizes the variety, taste, and craveability of plant-forward dishes.  

Listen to what hospital food champions are saying about what plant-forward means to them. Hear their thoughts on shaping a #PlantForwardFuture.

More about Plant-Forward Future

PLUS! Be sure to catch this live presentation at the #F2iSummit:

Growing Resilience: Increasing Plant Protein Production in New England

Thu Apr 8, 2021, 10:30 am - 12:00 pm ET

John Stoddard, National Program Manager, Health Care Without Harm
Lauren Kaskey, Regional Program Manager, Health Care Without Harm
Daniel Prial, Community Food and Outreach Specialist, ATTRA Sustainable Ag Program, National Center for Appropriate Technology

Can one project fight climate change, build the food system in New England, lift up marginalized communities, and build community resilience? We’re not certain but that’s our goal! Join hosts Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) and the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) to learn about our Plant-Forward Future project which aims to increase the production of plant proteins through demand from institutions. This dynamic session will feature multiple players in our project including chefs, producers, processors and more. You will learn about an emerging crop in New England - yellow peas - a great protein source that can be milled into flour, used whole, or as a raw ingredient in prepared foods. The crop also helps build our soils and decreases our reliance on animal proteins and grain crops. NCAT will share its efforts to support farmers and producers, particularly those that have been historically underserved, to increase production of plant proteins, and HCWH will explain how a cohort of hospitals is working with these producers through purchasing agreements to ensure a market for their products. The session will conclude with some concrete strategies like the Cool Food Pledge that institutions can use to include more plant proteins on their menus.

This presentation and 60+ others are included with your #F2iSummit registration on the virtual event app. Sliding scale fee. Recordings available for 6 months. 

Info & Register: #F2iSummit

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