Launching the New England Farm & Sea to Campus Network

Riley Neugebauer, Farm & Sea to Campus Project Manager

Join the New England Farm & Sea to Campus Network!

We are excited to announce that the New England Farm & Sea to Campus Network, hosted by Farm to Institution New England, has officially launched! What does this mean for you? You can now sign up to get involved in the network.

The mission of this network is to build a community of higher education and food systems stakeholders who connect, share and collaborate to develop transparent regional supply chains and educate campus communities about regional food systems.

There are two ways for you to get involved:

Step 1. Join the Farm & Sea to Campus Network

Want to declare your interest in the network? Join our contact list! Members of the list will receive a few emails per month with general updates from FINE as well as targeted updates for people at colleges, universities and private schools. We'll be sure you're the first to know about any network-hosted events or opportunities!


Step 2. Sign up for a Working Group

If you would like to be more actively involved and help fulfill the network's vision, we encourage you to sign up for one of our four working groups. In early summer, each group will come together via conference call to begin outlining their priorities and action steps. At that time, the groups will determine their frequency of meetings and other details.

The steering committee hopes that participants in these groups will be active, so please consider whether you have a couple hours per month available for participation. Your involvement will help determine our collaborative impact on the regional food system.

In order to participate in the initial meetings of the working groups, please sign up by May 20th. We will get back to you in June with next steps.

Working Group Descriptions

Outreach & Communications
The Outreach & Communications Working Group focuses on strategies to improve connectivity and information sharing between campuses and related stakeholders who are or would like to be engaged in the campus local food movement.

Supply Chain Development
The Supply Chain Development Working Group will identify and develop supply chain models that increase the availability and accessibility of local, sustainable food for campuses. It will facilitate coordination and communication between supply chain partners (campuses, distributors, suppliers, producers, etc.) to identify and leverage opportunities to aggregate demand and improve sourcing and distribution processes.

Education & Engagement
The Education & Engagement Working Group will focus on educating and activating students, faculty, staff and other stakeholders of participating institutions who are interested in initiating or enhancing the sourcing and on-campus use of local, sustainable foods.

Evaluation & Tracking
The Evaluation & Tracking Working Group will propose indicators that will help the Farm & Sea to Campus Network determine the success of their efforts, review and assess existing evaluation and metrics tools, provide recommendations for next steps around data collection and analysis, and specifically consider recommendations for improved tracking and traceability for local foods in the region.


We look forward to collaborating with you!

Thank you,

The Farm & Sea to Campus Network Steering Committee