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By Sarah Lyman, Communications Manager

Posted March 2, 2021


Join the FINE Advisory Council

Are you interested in playing a key role in shaping farm to institution activity in New England? Do you have a unique or potentially underrepresented perspective, and are you committed to bringing people from diverse backgrounds together to increase the impact of farm to institution work in our region?

Farm to Institution New England (FINE) is seeking applications from individuals to join the FINE Network Advisory Council (NAC), which serves as our overarching governing body.

We are looking for up to 8 individuals who represent a diversity of New England communities and who have experience in roles connected throughout the farm to institution ecosystem. Growing our NAC to reflect the full spectrum of farm to institution stakeholders is one example of our ongoing commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.  If you're interested in exploring this opportunity, please fill out an application or contact Peter Allison, FINE's Executive Director, at [email protected]. We can also connect you with current NAC members to hear about their experience serving on the NAC. 



Farm to Institution New England (FINE) is the backbone organization for a six-state network of nonprofit, public, and private entities working to mobilize the power of regional institutions to transform our food system. We work to increase the amount of good, local food served in our region’s schools, hospitals, colleges, correctional facilities and other institutions. We envision an equitable and just food system that provides access to healthy and abundant food for all New Englanders, and is defined by sustainable and productive land and ocean ecosystems. The FINE network consists of non-profit organizations, government agencies, institutions, foundations, farms, food distributors, food processors, food service operators, and others. For more information about FINE, explore our website (

The FINE NAC serves as the overarching advisory and governing body of FINE. The NAC has representatives from across New England, who serve various roles in the farm to institution supply chain, and work with key institutional sectors. The NAC includes individuals from diverse backgrounds who contribute an array of skills and experience in food systems research, policy, community-building, program implementation, and fundraising.. The NAC meets formally four to six times a year, including at least two in person (during non-Covid times), with other interactions on an as-needed basis. Each NAC member also serves on one of the three standing committees, which meet virtually every other month.


  • Provide strategic direction for FINE in keeping with our current strategic plan, and help to evaluate and revise the plan as needed
  • Advise on FINE network development, programming, and policy focus, in keeping with our vision and values
  • Review and approve annual budget and workplan
  • Assist with FINE network development and diversification through outreach to stakeholders
  • Serve on FINE task forces and committees, as needed and available
  • Select steering committee, comprised of one member of each of the three standing committees, which provides a more active role in decision-making and guidance on behalf of the NAC
  • Review and revise the membership and function of the NAC as needed
  • Support FINE’s fundraising efforts  


  • Have a commitment to FINE’s mission, vision, and values
  • Represent the diversity of our communities, including race, ethnicity gender, and sexual orientation
  • Have an interest in connecting with other farm to institution leaders from around New England to steer the future of this dynamic regional collaboration
  • Live in different parts of the region, including urban and rural areas in the six New England states
  • Have experience and knowledge about farm to institution procurement and supply chain
  • Are knowledgeable in the following areas
    • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
    • Farming and farmland preservation
    • Fishing and seafood supply chains
    • Fundraising and development
    • Media or communications


  • Actively prepare for and participate in at least 75% of NAC meetings (up to six meetings per year, including two in-person meetings)
  • Actively prepare for and participate in at least 75% of assigned committee meetings
  • Keep informed on FINE programs, budget, and policies by reading quarterly staff updates and through periodic conversations with FINE staff and other NAC members
  • Help FINE disseminate information to farm to institution stakeholders through your networks and organization’s outreach tools (where applicable)
  • Help FINE generate positive connections with stakeholders, provide input on development efforts, and create opportunities for ongoing collaboration and action
  • Serve a (renewable) term of two years (three consecutive term limit)
  • Support FINE fundraising efforts


By serving on the NAC, you will help guide and provide leadership for farm to institution efforts in the region. You’ll also have the opportunity to expand your own network and participate in events and activities designed to support your work. You will join a fun, committed team of thought leaders and practitioners to create a stronger, more resilient, and just food system in New England. Says NAC member Laura Edwards-Orr, "Being on FINE's advisory committee makes me feel like part of a learning community. It enhances my own work and provides opportunities to make an impact across the region. Plus, it's fun!"


  • Applications are due by May 15, 2021
  • Decisions will be announced in mid-June 2021
  • New NAC member onboarding discussions will take place in June 2021
  • First Network Advisory Council meeting will take place in July 2021 (in-person if possible; if not, remote)


Learn more about Farm to Institution New England’s mission, vision, strategic plan, history, and more.