Introducing Our New Farm & Sea to Campus Intern

Riley Neugebauer, Farm & Sea to Campus Project Manager

Join us in welcoming Danielle Walczak, our new intern!

We are pleased to announce that we've hired a part-time intern to assist with the Farm & Sea to Campus Project. Danielle officially joined the FINE team on February 1st. Over the next few months, she'll be working with our project coordinators Riley and Simca. We asked Danielle to write a note introducing herself. 


I’m grateful for an opportunity to be more involved in our ever-changing food landscape. My name is Danielle Walczak. I was recently hired as FINE’s Farm & Sea to Campus Communications & Graphic Design Intern. Ever since I worked with the Real Food Challenge as an undergraduate at UMaine, I've been impressed by the work FINE does. When I connected with Riley about getting involved, I was thrilled for a chance to work with FINE.

Last spring, I graduated from UMaine with a degree in journalism and minors in creative writing and sustainable food systems. A large portion of my time as an undergraduate focused on an increasing passion for food systems, culminating with my Honors thesis. For my thesis, I wrote a creative non-fiction narrative about young farmers on small organic farms in Maine (you can read a shortened version of it in the Bangor Daily News). I was especially interested in getting at the reasons why the state with the oldest population in the U.S. is attracting young farmers, and what challenges those farmers are facing.

Spending time on five farms for my thesis opened my eyes to the many layers of the local food movement and inspired me to experience farming first hand. This past summer I volunteered on Tarbox Farm on Westport Island, Maine before starting my position in the UMaine Honors College, where I now work full-time, mentoring students, providing technology assistance, and managing/creating the college's publications. Through my job I am still able to participate in the Sustainable Food Systems Research Collaborative (which I was a part of as a student).

During my internship with FINE, I will work on blog posts, case studies and social media work related to the farm to campus initiative. I will also help create infographics and other design work for FINE publications, as well as helping in any other way I can.

I'm excited to be more involved in food systems work with FINE and to help contribute to FINE’s work in a meaningful way.

All the best,