By Danielle Walczak, Farm & Sea to Campus Communications Intern

Posted June 21, 2016

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Five Tips for Putting Local Food on Your Menu

Wisdom from Attendees at the Local Foods for Small Campuses Event at Unity College

The recent Local Foods for Small Campuses event at Unity College on June 6th and 7th was a success! More than 25 participants came together for two days representing dining operators and campus farmers from 17 different institutions across New England. Those in attendance provided some great insight on using local foods on your menus and also on engaging dining staff in your local foods program (watch for this blog post next week!). Check out photo album from this event

Five Tips for Incorporating Local Food into Menus at Institutions 

To see what some of the participants had to say about incorporating local on institutional menus, check out this video with five tips:

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  1. Be sure to engage your staff!
  2. Purchase farm surplus
  3. Use flexible menu titles (i.e. "roasted or seasonal vegetables")
  4. Use local as an accent
  5. Ask your distributors for local

Do you have more tips to add to this list? Let us know by writing to me at [email protected].