By Kaitlin Haskins, Communications Manager (outgoing)

Posted August 19, 2015


FINE Featured in Modern Farmer

The following is an excerpt from a recent article by Modern Farmer about our collaborative Maine Food for UMaine System initiative.

The Fight for Local Food Arrives at the University of Maine

"In a state with an ever increasing number of young and beginning farmers, a campaign has been growing to get Maine’s university system to source more of the food it serves from local producers. A coalition of food, farming, and advocacy groups, along with students and faculty in the UMaine system, are pushing for more Maine-sourced products, from meat to grains. The various groups are working together under the banner of Maine Food for the UMaine System.

The proposal comes as a $12.5 million, 10-year food service contract with the massive food provider Aramark is nearing its end (it expires June 30, 2016) for six of the seven UMaine campuses; the university system is in the midst of the process of selecting a new vendor. The group’s lobbying efforts for more Maine-sourced food began back in 2013, after Farm to Institution New England (FINE)—a six-state coalition of organizations working to increase local food in various institutions—learned the contract was nearing its end."

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