Introducing FINE's Future: Our Next Three Years

Peter Allison, FINE Executive Director

FINE Strategic Plan 2025-2027

Dear FINE Friends,

On behalf of the entire FINE staff and advisory team, I am delighted to share FINE’s new strategic plan that will guide our work over the next three years: 

FINE Strategic Plan 2025-2027 (PDF)

& Executive Summary (PDF)

The planning process took place over the past year, a pivotal time for FINE. We began as we concluded our fifth biennial summit, and reflected on our work over the past dozen years. We took a minute to appreciate all that we have accomplished together, supporting the farm to institution network in our region through events, programs, research, and connections. And, we asked, what is needed now in a food system, region, and world that has changed in many ways and faces ever-mounting challenges? We also asked what is FINE’s unique role in addressing those needs.  



FINE serves a dynamic network of communities, organizations, and institutions working together to create a just, equitable, and regenerative food system in New England and beyond. 


Institutions hold substantial power and wield significant influence in our food system through their food service, education, investment, employment and land use. We believe that developing institutional food value chains that are responsive to community needs and rooted in racial justice, food sovereignty and climate resilience is a critical way to leverage the power of institutions to change the food system.


The changes we seek can only be achieved when led by a collaborative, adaptive network committed to collective power and increased regional self-reliance.

You will note that the plan builds on many of our founding principles and core values. We continue to recognize the important influence of institutions - early childhood and K-12 schools, colleges, hospitals, and prisons -  in our food system and our communities. We see a growing need for institutional value chains that create a just, equitable, and regenerative food system. Moreover, we double down on the need for a collaborative, adaptive network committed to collective power and increased regional self-reliance. 

Our focus areas and strategies also build on prior success - forging meaningful relationships and ensuring that new and experienced network partners have the resources and tools needed to meet our collective ambitions.



Three focus areas


Organizational Framework Create an organizational framework, structure, and culture that embodies the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion


Relationships & Collaboration Facilitate opportunities for relationship building and collaboration while centering the voices and needs of those most affected by food systems inequities


Capacity & Skills Expand the network’s skills and capacity to cultivate an equitable and regenerative food system

We emphasize a responsibility to diversify our network and center the voices and needs of those most affected by food system inequities in all aspects of our work, including planning, implementation, and evaluation. This starts by ensuring that the FINE organization has a framework, structure, and culture that embodies the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The plan includes a strategy to hold us accountable - and we invite you all to join us in that essential piece.

FINE is committed to creating feedback loops that ensure clear accountability as we work to reduce harm and build equity, justice, and sustainability in the food system.


More about FINE systems of accountability

The plan would not have been possible without the dedicated work of FINE’s talented staff team, a committed and diverse group of advisors, and the skilled leadership of Solution Consulting Co

The process took twice the time we anticipated, despite a very deliberate pace and organized approach. In the end, the effort was well worth it. We have a plan we are proud of and inspired by, and we are already working to put it into action - you can be sure this will not be a shelf sitter! A huge thank you to all who contributed to the plan, and to all of you—the FINE network—for joining us on our journey forward.

Please let us know your questions, suggestions, and ways that you want to be involved. Reach us at


Peter Allison, Executive Director
Joined by the full FINE Staff, below left to right: Tania Taranovski, Sarah Lyman, Peter Allison, Dana Stevens, Hannah Leighton, Britt Florio


FINE Staff standing against a grey metal and glass wall