By Riley Neugebauer, Farm & Sea to Campus Project Manager

Posted February 22, 2017


Farm & Sea to Campus Network Seeks to Expand Steering Committee

We're now accepting applications for the New England Farm & Sea to Campus Network Steering Committee

The New England Farm & Sea to Campus Network, an initiative of FINE, is seeking applicants for five open seats on our twelve member steering committee which provides strategic guidance to the network and facilitates four working groups. Read below for more information about the network's mission, roles and responsibilities of steering committee members, and instructions for how to submit an application.


The New England Farm & Sea to Campus Network is a community of higher education and food systems stakeholders who connect, share and collaborate to develop transparent regional supply chains and educate campus communities about regional food systems.


A group of campus food service directors, distributors, students, faculty, non-profits, and additional stakeholders came together at a meeting hosted by Farm to Institution New England (FINE) in June 2015 to discuss the scope and possible mission of a farm to campus network in New England. Following this meeting, several additional conversations with smaller groups of stakeholders led to the development of a mission statement for the network and to the formation of the steering committee and four working groups to help the network carry out its mission.  


The Farm & Sea to Campus Network steering committee members will help facilitate the New England Farm & Sea to Campus Network, providing strategic guidance to the network and serving as the overarching decision-making body for the Network. The steering committee will be comprised of six to twelve individuals representing a diversity of farm and sea to campus stakeholders.  

Members will:

  • Promote the mission of Farm & Sea to Campus Network by playing a hands-on role in determining the network’s direction, including policies, membership structure, staffing needs, programmatic and budgetary needs, communication platforms, working groups, and ongoing alignment with FINE. 
  • Maintain open and productive communication with working groups to ensure network goals are being achieved
  • Carry out work in a transparent and open manner


Individual Steering Committee members will be expected to:

  • Commit to serve a minimum term of one year
  • Dedicate approximately five to six hours per month to meetings/calls, review of materials, and other engagement
  • Be an active and engaged participant in regular, sixty to ninety minute, monthly Steering Committee calls
  • Serve in one of the following roles:
    • Working Group Co-Chairperson - You are responsible for scheduling monthly working group calls, developing agendas, facilitating calls, ensuring that notes are taken and calls are recorded when possible, and helping to identify steps and responsible individuals to carry out tasks in between monthly calls
    • Governance and Strategy Co-Chairperson - You are responsible for regular calls and email communication between FINE’s FSC Network staff, occasionally FINE’s Network Director, and other relevant stakeholders in order to develop key governance and strategy documents and plans which will then be proposed/vetted with the full Steering Committee, and you will help develop agendas for the steering committee calls and meetings
  • Serve as an ambassador for the Farm & Sea to Campus Network, providing others in your professional circle information about the network and encouraging their participation
  • Prepare for and actively participate in eight steering committee calls throughout the course of the year and additional ad hoc meetings as needed and agree to follow the network Conference Call Etiquette when participating in any calls
  • Participate in three in-person meetings with the steering committee per year (likely winter (Jan/Feb), Summer (June/July), and Fall (October) – travel and meeting expenses will be reimbursed
  • Communicate via email with FINE FSC Network staff, other Steering Committee members, and relevant working group members in between monthly calls.
  • Complete requested activities and tasks in between calls
  • Think regionally, while also bringing your unique expertise and skills to the committee!

Note: Repeated inability to participate may result in a request to step down

Time commitment

The expected time commitment for Steering Committee members is five to six hours per month.

This includes a one-hour-long Steering Committee call and either a one-hour-long working group call or a governance/strategy call per month, plus another three to four hours of preparation for call or as follow-up after the calls.


People with a commitment to the New England Farm & Sea to Campus Network mission and an interest in helping guide and provide leadership for network efforts in the region. Please review the list of expectations above to clearly understand the various ways that you will be asked to participate as a steering committee member.  

We strongly encourage applicants from across New England who represent the diversity of farm to campus stakeholders, including positions that are often underrepresented. This includes, but is not limited to: workers from food service, food processing, and farms; students; farmers; distributors and processors; dining directors/managers and chefs; non-profit advocates or service providers; representatives from the seafood sector; educators/faculty; campus garden managers; researchers/analysts; campus administrators; policymakers; community and economic development and/or finance representatives; and others.

We welcome applications from those who applied during our initial recruitment process in September 2015.

We are specifically looking for people who can fill the following roles on the Steering Committee:

  • Co-Chair, Supply Chain Development Working Group
    • Desired Qualifications: Knowledge of the farm and sea to campus supply chain, interest in further scoping out a project focused on developing an online mapping tool
  • Co-Chair, Communications & Outreach Working Group
    • Desired Qualifications: Ability to use Adobe Creative Suite products and assist with graphic design, newsletter production experience, web content management experience, understanding of press outreach and strategy, strong organizational skills
  • Co-Chair, Evaluation & Tracking Working Group
    • Desired Qualifications: Understanding of and interest in research and analysis of farm & sea to campus efforts, understanding of current tracking tools used by campuses for local/sustainable foods, strong writing skills, interest in further developing indicators of success for farm & sea to campus in New England
  • Co-Chair, Education & Engagement Working Group
    • Desired Qualifications: Experience with student engagement as an educator, student, or staff member of an institution or as a non-profit that works with students, interest in developing campus profiles and other content for online platforms to help inform network stakeholders, desire to connect more campus faculty and researchers in the region who desire to contribute to a stronger regional food system
  • Co-Chair, Governance & Strategy Subcommittee
    • Desired Qualifications: Interest and experience with group decision-making processes, facilitation, and strategic planning; strong attention to detail and an ability to understand the regional scope of the network and its connection to FINE, the host organization


Applicants will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • Commitment and connection to farm and sea to campus work in New England
  • Interest in networks and their vision for what a Farm & Sea to Campus Network might accomplish in New England
  • Ability to commit to the expectations outlined in the application
  • Ability to add perspective and diversity to the steering committee, based on state or states where they are located and/or predominantly carry out their work, and their role within the food system
  • Interest in co-leading at least one working group or participating in the governance/strategy committee

Applications will be reviewed by the current Farm & Sea to Campus Network Steering Committee members, and selection is expected to take place later this Spring, likely in mid-April.

Those interested in a position on the Steering Committee are encouraged to attend the upcoming Farm to Institution Summit on April 6th & 7th in Leominster, MA at the Doubletree Hotel, and the related Farm & Sea to Campus Network sessions taking place there.   


Complete your application online by Friday, April 14th.