By Riley Neugebauer, Farm & Sea to Campus Project Manager

Posted September 18, 2015


Call for Applications: New England Farm & Sea to Campus Steering Committee

We're now accepting applications for the New England Farm & Sea to Campus Network Steering Committee

The New England Farm & Sea to Campus Network is seeking a candidate to join the network's steering committee and to co-chair the Evaluation and Tracking Working Group. Read below for more information about the network's mission, roles and responsibilities of steering committee members, and instructions for how to submit an application.

Network Mission Statement

The New England Farm & Sea to Campus Network is a community of higher education and food systems stakeholders who connect, share, and collaborate to develop transparent regional supply chains and educate campus communities about regional food systems.

Network History

A group of campus food service directors, distributors, students, faculty, non-profits, and additional stakeholders came together at a meeting hosted by Farm to Institution New England (FINE) in June 2015 to discuss the scope and possible mission of a farm to campus network in New England. Following this meeting, several additional conversations with smaller groups of stakeholders led to the development of a mission statement for the network and identified the need for a steering committee to help guide ongoing work.  

Roles & Responsibilities

Steering committee members providing strategic guidance and decision-making oversight the New England Farm & Sea to Campus Network. The steering committee is currently comprised of six individuals representing a diversity of farm and sea to campus stakeholders.  

Steering Committee responsibilities include:

  • Determine the network's direction, including policies, membership structure, communication platforms and working groups
  • Create an open environment in which others can engage with the network
  • Actively promote the Farm & Sea to Campus Network to colleagues
  • Maintain open and productive communication with work group leaders to ensure network goals are being achieved

In addition, Steering Committee members will:

  • Communicate via email with FINE staff, the full steering committee, and working group participants
  • Prepare for and actively participate in monthly steering committee calls throughout the course of the year and additional ad hoc meetings as needed
  • Co-chair one working group, which involves quarterly calls and intermittent work on projects selected by the working group
  • Participate in one or two in-person meetings with the steering committee per year (we anticipate that the first meeting will be scheduled for November) -- travel and meeting expenses will be reimbursed
  • Participate in at least one network working group
  • Commit to serve a minimum term of one year
  • Dedicate approximately four hours per month to meetings/calls, review of materials, and other engagement
  • Commit to identify a colleague to serve in your place for phone calls and meetings in the event that you cannot participate (note: repeated inability to participate may result in a request to step down)

Who should apply?

People with a commitment to the New England Farm & Sea to Campus Network mission and an interest in helping guide and provide leadership for network efforts in the region. We strongly encourage applicants from across New England who represent the diversity of farm to campus stakeholders, including positions that are often underrepresented. This includes, but is not limited to: workers from food service, food processing, and farms; students; farmers; distributors and processors; dining directors/managers and chefs; non-profit advocates or service providers; representatives from the seafood sector; educators/faculty; campus garden managers; researchers/analysts; campus administrators; policymakers; community and economic development and/or finance representatives; and others.

Application Review Criteria

Applicants will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • Commitment and connection to farm and sea to campus work in New England
  • Interest in networks and their vision for what a Farm & Sea to Campus Network might accomplish in New England
  • Ability to commit to the expectations outlined in the application
  • Ability to add perspective and diversity to the steering committee, based on state or states where they are located and/or predominantly carry out their work, and their role within the food system

Selection is expected to take place at the end of October. The first meeting will likely take place in early November.

In addition to FINE’s Farm & Sea to Campus coordinators, a group of individuals who have been involved in the development of this network will also help to review applications and make decisions regarding the steering committee.  

How to Apply

Complete your application online by Friday, June 28.