By Kaitlin Haskins, Communications Manager (outgoing)

Posted September 23, 2015


Call for Applications: FINE Network Advisory Council

We're now accepting applications for our new Network Advisory Council

Dear FINE Partners,

Farm to Institution New England (FINE) is excited to announce that we are seeking applications for members of the FINE Network Advisory Council (NAC), which will serve as our overarching governing body, starting in January 2016. The NAC will replace our existing Leadership Team, which has played a critical role in our founding, management and leadership since 2011.

We are making this change in order to ensure that FINE is better represented by all the states in the region, the sectors we work in, and the supply chain that we serve. Compared to our current Leadership Team, the volunteer NAC will be larger (aiming for 10 to 15 members), and will meet less frequently. The NAC will also select a smaller Coordinating Committee (three to four members) that will play a more hands-on role. We are grateful to all the Leadership Team members who have ably played multiple roles as innovators, advisors and project leaders over the past five years.

We hope this application process will generate a talented and diverse pool of candidates for our new Network Advisory Council. Please help us spread the word about this opportunity to those who you think are great candidates for these positions. Following is a description of the role and desired qualities of the Network Advisory Council members, plus links to more information about FINE. The online application is due by Wednesday, October 21, 2015.  

Thank you for your assistance in helping us recruit a dynamic FINE Network Advisory Council to help lead our network at this important time in our development!


Peter Allison
FINE Network Director


  • Provide strategic direction for FINE in keeping with our current strategic plan, and help to evaluate and revise the plan as needed
  • Advise on FINE network development, programming and policy focus
  • Review and approve annual budget and workplan  
  • Assist with FINE network development through outreach to stakeholders  
  • Serve on FINE task forces and committees, as needed and available
  • Select and design a Coordinating Committee, which will provide a more active role in decision making and guidance on behalf of the Network Advisory Council
  • Review and revise the function of the Network Advisory Council


  • Actively prepare for and participate in at least four meetings per year including at least one full day in-person meeting (travel and lodging expenses reimbursed)
  • Keep informed on FINE programs, budget and policies by reading monthly staff updates and periodic conversations with FINE staff
  • Help FINE disseminate information to farm to institution stakeholders
  • Help FINE generate positive connections with stakeholders, provide input to development efforts, and create opportunities for ongoing collaboration and action
  • Serve a (renewable) term of one year

Who we are looking for?

We're seeking a group of individuals who:

  • Have a commitment to FINE’s mission and vision and who have an interest in helping to guide the future of farm to institution efforts in New England
  • Represent each of the six New England states
  • Have a diverse array of experience and knowledge about farm to institution issues, including:
    - Food production for wholesale and institutional markets
    - Aggregation, processing, and/or distribution
    - Food service management and procurement
    - Institutional sustainability operations
    - Agriculture, public health, nutrition or procurement policies and programs
    - Economic development
  • Play a diverse array of roles in the farm to institution supply chain, including:
    - Supply chain business leaders and employees
    - Government agency staff
    - Researchers
    - Advocates
    - Funders
    - Educators, clinicians, sustainability officers and dining service staff


There are many benefits to serving on the Network Advisory Council, including the opportunities to:

  • Steer the direction of your regional farm to institution network
  • Exchange ideas and perspectives with other farm to institution leaders
  • Monitor the pulse of the farm to institution movement across six unique states
  • Enjoy the company of other FINE folks! 


Complete your application by Wednesday, October 21, 2015. Network Advisory Council member selections will be announced by November 15, 2015. The first Network Advisory Council meeting will take place in January 2016.


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