By Dana Stevens, Event & Project Manager

Posted October 12, 2017


2018​ ​New​ ​England​ ​Campus​ ​Farmer​ ​Summit Request for Proposals

What’s Growing on Your Campus?

Stonehill College Easton, MA | Saturday, February 10th, 2018

Photo above: A student at Vermont Technical College works on the campus farm (courtesy of VTC). Photo at left: Dennis Garcia, a student at Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire, works in the campus garden (courtesy of FPU).

The Farm at Stonehill, Farm to Institution New England, and the Vela Foundation are pleased to bring you the 2018 New England Campus Farmer Summit. The Summit will take place on Saturday, February 10th at the Martin Institute at Stonehill College in Easton MA. This one-day summit will celebrate the growing trend across the country for college campuses to start and maintain sustainable farms or gardens on their campuses. The event welcomes campus farmers, students, faculty, staff, and friends to gather and share “What’s Growing on Your Campus”? Following inspiring opening remarks by Molly Anderson, and a campus farmer panel, workshops, and breakout sessions will offer attendees the opportunity to learn from fellow campus farmers, local farmers, and non-profits about a range of current issues identified by participants.

Summit Purpose

The inaugural New England Campus Farmer Summit will bring together campus farmers, faculty, staff, and advocates from around the region for a day of networking. We are interested in exchanging ideas, success stories, and constructively problem solving to produce more effective campus farms.


  • Campus farmers who attend the summit will be given the opportunity to learn from each other and from individuals working for local non-profits and small businesses about the different ways to cultivate successful living classrooms and help fuel social change.
  • Students, faculty, and community partners will gain knowledge about the different opportunities available to engage with the fields of food justice, food security, the Real Food movement, sustainability, nutrition, research, and academic excellence.
  • All attendees will exchange best practices and work together to determine how college farms can play a role in strengthening our food systems, environmentally, socially, and politically.

Registration Information

All costs to attend the 2018 Summit, including registration, travel, and lodging are the responsibility of each presenter. We have kept registration costs low, and all proceeds from this event will go toward covering the costs of this event and supporting the campus farmer network in New England. Registration will open December 1st.


To submit a proposal, please complete this form by October 30, 2017. You should expect to hear back from us mid-November regarding the status of your submission. If you are having trouble with this form, please contact the planning team at [email protected]

Thank you!

The 2018 New England Campus Farmer Summit Planning Team