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About Us

The New England Farm & Sea to Campus Network is a community of higher education and food systems stakeholders who connect, share, and collaborate to develop transparent regional supply chains and educate campus communities about regional food systems. 


Who We Are

The New England Farm & Sea to Campus Network consists of farmers, fishermen and women, food system workers (farmworkers, processing staff, food service staff and others), food business personnel, elected officials, government workers, non-profit staff, faculty, students, campus dining staff and administrators.

These people represent farms, fishing vessels, food processors, distributors, other food companies, institutions, student groups, governing bodies, non-profit organizations and funders. 


The New England Farm & Sea to Campus Network is led by a steering committee that represents our network members.  


Get Involved


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join a Working Group

If you would like to be more deeply involved in the network, you can become a member of one of our four working groups.



To get in touch, contact us at campus@farmtoinstitution.org.


Maine Food for the UMaine System

Maine Food for the UMaine System is a coalition made up of organizations and individuals who are working to build a stronger and more sustainable, fair and resilient food system in Maine.



We've developed some handy resources that will help you buy and serve more local food at your college, university or private school.

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Riley Neugebauer

Farm & Sea to Campus Co-Coordinator, FINE


Riley Neugebauer is a Farm & Sea to Campus Coordinator for Farm to Institution New England (FINE), is based in Maine, and is primarily focused on Northern New England. She works with stakeholders from across the campus food system in order to increase the purchasing and use of local foods on campus menus and promotes food systems education to raise awareness and engage students and communities. This is achieved in a variety of ways, which includes: partnerships with others; communicating best practices and lessons learned; network-building; organizing gatherings of stakeholders; assisting with evaluation and measurement of local foods efforts; providing technical assistance; and more. Riley served previously at both American University and Skidmore College as a Sustainability Coordinator where she was able to partner with others on campus to implement programs in support of local foods.  

Simca Horwitz

Eastern Mass Program Director, Mass Farm to School; Farm & Sea to Campus Co-Coordinator, FINE


Simca Horwitz is a Farm & Sea to Campus Coordinator for Farm to Institution New England (FINE), and works full-time with Massachusetts Farm to School. She is based in Boston, and is primarily focused on Southern New England in her work with FINE. For Massachusetts Farm to School, Simca manages the Farm to School Network and provides procurement assistance and workshops to food service professionals, farmers, food distributors, and community advocates in eastern Mass. Over the last 12 years, Simca has worked in a variety of organizations in the Boston area that focus on food and agriculture, including work as a farmer and farm-based educator and running a shared use community kitchen for culinary entrepreneurs. She holds an M.S. in Food and Agriculture Policy from the Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy.