By Kaitlin Haskins, Communications Manager

Posted July 17, 2017


Meet Our Summer 2017 Interns!

From left to right: Sarah Lott, Hannah Leighton, Kathleen Nay

From a food-focused survey of colleges in New England to local food tracking research to social media management, our summer interns are helping us advance key programs this season. The FINE team is pleased to introduce you to our crew of summer interns for June through August 2017:

Sarah Lott

Evaluation & Tracking Research Intern

Sarah is currently a Master’s student studying Food Systems at the University of Vermont. Her current research interests include supply chain relationships and food waste, which she began exploring earlier this year through qualitative interviews and analysis of gleaning organization and farmer relationships in Vermont. 

While at FINE, Sarah is conducting research in partnership with the Farm & Sea to Campus Network's Evaluation & Tracking Working Group that will generate a list of the current local food indicators and measurement tools being used in New England. This will allow us to evaluate the existing indicators and tracking tools for their effectiveness and impact. Sarah will be developing a report that highlights similarities and differences between measurement tools and includes recommendations for potential next steps, including identified needs for additional data collection, measurement, and analysis that can be done either in partnership with other entities or separately.

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Hannah Leighton

Metrics Project Intern

Hannah recently completed a Master’s degree in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Her graduate work focused on connecting local farmers and producers to traditionally underserved communities through wholesale markets, specifically schools and institutions. 

During her internship with FINE, Hannah is performing research including (1) a nonrespondent survey for the college and university sector to determine whether the project can extrapolate 2015 survey results to the full population of colleges and universities with dining services in New England, and (2) an analysis of secondary data for New England states from the new USDA Local Foods Survey. She is also working on metrics-related communications: creating a new web page for our New England Farm to Institution Metrics Dashboard using data from our producer survey report and writing a series of blog posts on selected metrics topics.

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Kathleen Nay

Communications Intern

Kathleen recently completed her second year of a dual Master’s program in Agriculture, Food & Environment at the Friedman School, and Urban & Environmental Planning & Policy at Tufts University. She is interested in the sustainability and accessibility of the American food system and curious about finding ways to bring rural and urban communities together for common discourse.

This summer with FINE, Kathleen is supporting content development and dissemination; managing our constituent database; assisting with communications analytics; and helping to boost our online engagement. Specifically, she is managing our social media accounts, whipping up beautiful graphics and reports, writing inspiring stories, adding events and information to FINE's website, and assisting with outreach and public relations. Want to get the latest farm to institution news from Kathleen? Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!   

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