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We envision that every New England institution will preferentially purchase healthy, regionally-grown food.

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We’re a network of nonprofits, government agencies and others working to strengthen our regional food system.

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  • @_fsne Love it! Thanks for sharing. We just added this to our resource list: http://t.co/6YtG5ppJxN
  • Two new videos up on our YouTube: http://t.co/4o43c3uFEv #1: Demystifying local food labeling logistics. #2: Working with a food distributor
  • @_fsne Cool! Keenan Haley, the teacher pictured, is from Sharon Elementary School -- right here in our neck of the woods.
  • At Charles Rice School in Dallas, kids eat healthy, colorful meals prepared from scratch daily. Video: http://t.co/qxVH0yG7Es #farmtoschool

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We want to hear about your experiences eating local food, dining in cafeterias, selling food to institutions, buying from local farms and more.